How to Stay in Shape this Festive Season


During this festive period, it's almost impossible to say no to social gatherings and delectable desserts. Here are some tips to help you stay slim (and still get to eat your slice of X'mas log cake) this Christmas.



  1. Workout 
    Dedicate yourself to work out 3 times a week to help shed off the excess weight! Try light weight lifting. Not only does it tone your body, it also helps to get your metabolism running high - so you'll burn fats all day long. 

  2. Stay Active
    If you're sitting in the office from 9-6 almost every day, get moving. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Do some simple toning exercises while at your seat. Walk to your office instead of taking the bus. Simple changes like these can make a huge difference - not just in your weight but your energy level too.

  3. Snack more
    Yes, you've heard that right. Snack more - but mindfully of course. Studies have shown that introducing healthy snacks throughout the day not only helps to suppress your appetite and prevent you from grabbing an extra fistful of food from the dinner table, but also help to increase your metabolism as well. Opt for healthy snacks such as nuts, fruits or even yogurt.

  4. Eat smart
    Very often, we let loose during dinner gatherings. "Treat ourselves," we'd tell ourselves. No doubt, the secret to staying slim is to not overindulge but to eat smart instead. Opt for more vegetables, practice portion control, skip the sides and go for a protein loaded main to keep yourself full. 




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