Simple Thai Pad See Ew (Stir-Fried Noodles)

Damien is in the kitchen today with me and we've put together a typical thailand street cuisine meal, Pad See Ew. I can't start telling you how unhappy it is!


This is the highly famous rice noodle in Thailand inspired by China. When we were in Bangkok, I couldn't get enough of the meal!


Pad See Ew is normally made using large, flat rice noodles, but is difficult to obtain and usually offered only fresh. So, we produced linguine noodles with dry rice.

Additionally, oyster sauce, black soy sauce (in most Asian markets but may be replaced with ordinary soy sauce) as well as fish sauce, garlic, Chinese broccoli, egg and always protein are also a major element. In this dish, we used steak flanks, but you may use swine, chicken, tofu or seafood to substitute beef. Nice name, nice name!


What are the BROCCOLI and RECOLOR broccoli DIFFERENCE?

Chinese broccoli is a leafy green vegetable that is closely linked to the broccoli, cold and sprouts of Brussels. The leaves are flat and thick, and the florets are small. The Chinese broccoli leaves don't rapidly become spinach (e.g., bok choy) and keep crisp when cooked.
Chinese broccoli has a little harsh and earthy taste vs normal broccoli, and the best thing is to quickly steam or stir-fry or sauté. It is a bit hard to locate Chinese broccoli in your local food shop, so see your local Asian market.




Try to pick Chinese broccoli with dark-stemmed leaves for freshness. You can always substitute this with bok choy or kale.



Try to pick Chinese broccoli with dark-stemmed leaves for freshness. You can always substitute this with bok choy or kale.



We used flank steak for this Pad See Ew recipe, but you can use any protein: pork, chicken, tofu, or seafood!



We used linguine-sized rice noodles in this Pad See Ew because they hold up well when stir-frying.


  • Pad See Ew is typically prepared with wide, flat rice noodles, but they can be difficult to find and are usually only sold fresh. When I was shopping for ingredients at my Asian market for this recipe, the only wide noodles I could find were in the refrigerated section. I was hesitant to buy them, knowing I might not make this dish within a few days. So, I opted for the dried rice noodles instead.
  • I chose linguine-sized rice noodles that hold up well in this dish, especially because you are frying the noodles and don’t want them to fall apart. These noodles store well in your pantry for quite a while, so you’ll have them for your next Asian dish!



You will stir-fry the Chinese broccoli stems first because they take longer to cook. The sauce in this dish is killer!



Look at those noodles! This Pad See Ew is extremely tasty, and so simple to make! Not only is this an elegant dish, but it’s a great one that the entire family will enjoy!


  • I would definitely get the dried rice noodles versus fresh. It’s much easier to find. But if you can’t find the wide noodles, please feel free to buy vermicelli or another size. It will taste just as good!
  • You can use bok choy as a substitute for the Chinese broccoli. I love the taste of Chinese broccoli but I know it’s not readily available.
  • If you can’t find black soy sauce, use tamarin or regular soy sauce instead.
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