Matcha Green Tea Waffles

If you can have these awesome Matcha Green Tea Waffles instead, who want ordinary waffles? Wow, they're so tasty! You will never see the waffles the same way again in this pile of pure leisure. These matcha waffles are fluffy and delicious, in particular with its organic maple syrup and fresh blueberries! Either in a mixing bowl or a blender if you like, this recipe is super easy to prepare.

My mother-in-law had given me her tried-and-true waffle maker that she’s used for probably more than 50 years. The plug was a bit scary but it didn’t spark and cause a fire, thank the lord! But I have to tell you, the waffles came out perfectly! They were fluffy from the whipped egg whites, and a bit crispy on the edges. The matcha flavor is very subtle and gives the waffles a nice greenish hue. Aren’t these matcha green tea waffles the prettiest things?


matcha green tea waffles


Stacks of yummy goodness are in these gorgeous Matcha Green Tea Waffles! They’re so easy to make with your trusty waffle maker!

matcha green tea waffle batter


The waffle batter has that airy fluffiness from the whipped egg whites, and a beautiful green hue from the matcha powder.


Some waffle makers have squares and some have rounds. Either way, these waffles will cook up beautifully with whatever appliance you use!

Matcha Green Tea Waffles


Organic maple syrup (like this one from Trader Joe’s) gives these Matcha Green Tea Waffles the perfect sweetness, along with the fresh blueberries.


Matcha Green Tea Waffles


Betcha can’t eat just one waffle square! Aren’t these just the prettiest things?

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