The Dreaded Brain Fog Prevention Steps!

We have foggy moments of oblivion, confusion and some detail loss from time to time. However, more than once in a while, many people are experiencing this. It is time to look into your lifestyles and your health when that brain fog regularly happens. Good cognitive function depends on healthy circulation, detoxification, effective digestion. Anything that affects these functions can deprive the brain of the nutrition it needs and cause neuronal and brain cell damages. In your lifestyle and diet, you can deal with many things, which promote a healthy brain function.

1. Digestion and diet improvement:

The key to long-term vitality is healthy digestion and a diet high in healthy nutrients. What you eat and what nutrients you eat affect all your body's systems, especially your brain. You cannot put in your car under-standard gas and oil and expect to run efficiently. Your body and brain will do the same. For centuries, intestinal / digestive health has been related to brain function in traditional Chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine. Recent research has shown that an abundance of healthy digestive tract bacteria affect brain health, cognition and moods. Your digestive tract contains molecules that transmit signals to your brain. Sanitary digestion results in a safe functioning of the brain. A diet high in the nutritional value of foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, magnetic protein, legumes, fat and sugar, carbohydrates, trans fats and junk foods, will provide the good nutrients for your intestine and brain. In many health issues including autoimmune disorders, cancer, dementia, and cognitive decline, it will also lower inflammation. Weeds and additives can also contribute to overall digestive health such as zinc, chromium, turmeric and digestive enzymes.

2. Detoxification:

In the body, toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, mercury, plum and pollutants, especially in fatty tissues that make up the majority of the brain, can accumulate. It can help to inflammation and dampen the function of the brain over time. You can detoxify your body from many products, such as N-acetyl-L-cysteine, Vitamin C, Lipoic Acid, Citrus Modified pectin and selenium. These products are detoxifying and can be used for supplementary products such as psyllium, bentonite and slippery elms for bowel detoxification. In detoxifying free radicals that increase inflammation and damage cells, antioxidants are also very important. Be sure to include many antioxidants in the form of richly colored, anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables and/or additives.

3. Cell health and energy:

The mitochondria are what power cells in our body to heal and replace cells if necessary. They also help to make us feel energy-efficient. Proper cognition and a brain function uses a great deal of energy, and we feel foggy and "off" when our mitochondria are depleted. There are a number of additives designed to improve mitochondria and support our brains. The mitochondrial function and antioxidant reduction of Coq10, the L-Carnosine medicinal mushrooms and acetyl-L-carnitine are supported by all these products.

4. Reduce stress:

No one is surprised at the negative effect of stress on health in these days. Many people think of emotional stress only, but a stressor can make your energy and your body more functional. Do not get enough sleep, a stressful work or at home, bad diet, do not allow yourself to rest and heal right after workout or injury, or even after having fun, can make your body stressful. Whatever stresses your body, your brain can also be stressed. Chronic stress may lead to imbalances in blood sugar, increased fatigue, depression and memory. You can do a number of things to reduce stress. You can do it. Practices such as meditation/prayer, yoga, tai chi and breathing were used to reduce stress very well. Even apps can help you to meditate, relax and remind you to do so on your phone. There are Many online programs can be found to start you in yoga, respiration or stuff like tai chi.

5. Training:

It is very important for cognition and brain health to have enough oxygen and nutrients in your brain. Failure to circulate can have great consequences for the ability and sedentary way of life and the lack of exercise. When exercising, you increase neural connections throughout your body and not just your blood circulation. It helps to balance your hormones, reduce excess fat and build up your muscles. You can best do to move your body for your brain. By balancing your brain, stress relieves and circulation increases. If you feel nebulous, you are getting up and walking, dancing and stretching. You will feel more clear about your brain. Your brain can also be trained. A range of applications and applications are available to help your brain learn and keep you sharp.
If the brain fog is continuous, check with your doctor and find out about underlying health problems that contribute to poor cognition, such as Lyme disease, diabetes or neurology. Don't let your brain fog be your normal condition. You can remain sharp and protect your brain at any age with certain healthy changes.

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