Is it Leaky Gut - Digestive Issues?

The word "Leaky Gut" may have been heard before. It sounds somewhat strange, but in fact it is a serious illness which can cause some health concerns. You see, it's a closed system that you take the digestive track from your mouth into the anus where you release waste. Your digestive procedure is designed to separate the foods that you eat and absorb them into your blood flow, which is then distributed throughout the rest of your body. There are checks and balances in the system to prevent toxins and other invaders from flowing into your blood and to move out of your body. When you have Leaky Good Syndrome, these checks and balances will not work properly and molecules which will not enter your bloodstream will be released into the system, which can cause health problems.

Which checks and balances are there?
Microbiome is the natural bacterium that live in your gut that helps digestion, fighting parasites or unhealthy bacteria, and control removal. It is the most prevalent and important part of your intestinal tract. About 100 trillion bacteria are found in your intestines, and a healthy balance of the various bacteria needs to be established to make them all function properly.

A healthy intestinal wall lining must also be available. If it is permeable to the lining of your gut, your body starts an immune response and attacks the unwanted bloodstream molecules. Studies have demonstrated that this type of immune response plays an important role in autoimmune disorders like hahimoto, diabetes, arthritis and colitis, as well as depression.

How do Leaky Gut syndrome occur?
A number of things can cause a disorder in healthy bacteria and the gut's wall. Antibiotics are one of the main ones. While they may have to be taken at some time they destroy both the healthy bacteria in the intestine and the bad bacteria for which it is prescribed. These healthy bacteria do not return once you stop taking the antibiotic. They should be re-populated via healthy foods and probiotic supplements. Other prescription medicines, for instance steroids, hormones such as birth control and NSAIDS like ibuprofen, may disturb the balance in your gut.

Diet plays an important role in your gut health, because bacteria in your intestines need the appropriate type of food to flourish and grow, as every living organism does. Sugar diets are especially bad for your intestines because the unsanitary bacteria love to eat sugar. The healthy bacteria may die off if they feed more than the healthy bacteria. This balance can also be thrown away by refined carbohydrates, processed foodstuffs and unsafe oil. Chronic stress is also a factor in chronic infections, leading to chronic, vicious use of antibiotics. When the good bacteria are tormented the bad bacteria bloom, they are treated with things that kill and continue to thrive on the good bacteria.

Gluten consumption has proven to be another dietary contribution to bacterial imbalance and the weak intestinal lining. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, spelt, and kamut, for example. Gluten contains a gliadin protein that shows an increase in the Zonulin. Zonulin was shown to improve intestinal permeability in studies. It breaks down your intestinal walls and allows molecules that should not enter the blood stream. Researchers have found that they can cause type 1 diabetes by administering zonulin to animals!

What are the Leaky Good Syndrome symptoms?
Whilst problems like constipation, diarrhoea, tightness or flushing are common, the symptoms of leaky intestines can be quite different and may not involve bowel discomfort. You may have problems with the skin like acne or eczema, or autoimmune disease. Inflammation appears to be the only symptom across the board. Inflammation is of great importance in most autoimmune disorders, but it can also occur as tiredness, general pain, or even brain problems, including depression and anxiety.

What can I do to avoid Leaky Good or heal it?
Don't eat toxins, mostly. If you have to take medicines that deplete your good bacteria, please fill them with a trusted company's good-quality multi-strain triiotic. Eat the food that fills your intestines with good bacteria, such as sweet potato, yams and yucca, fermentable fiber. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kim chi, kefir and yogurt will contribute to the repopulation of the good bacteria. It will also help to get enough fiber in your diet. Also, if you have leaky gut symptoms, test yourself for parasites or infections and treat them with natural but effective treatment, be aware that your healthy bacteria must be constantly replenished and fed.

There are a number of additional products that can help cure Leaky Gut and prevent it.

Probiotics: Make sure that a reputable company produces your probiotic. The probiotics that we use for Blue Sky Vitamin come from companies that ensure that they are properly handled and shipped with viable, lively bacterial strains to ensure strength. Many probios and supplements generally found in a shop may not have what they say and do not carry out any studies to determine whether the strains they use are actually helpful if they are anyway.
Glutamine: the powder of L-Glutamine is a powerful addition to cure intestinal damage. It is extremely curative and soothing to the intestines and comes in capsules. It is also part of many other intestinal health products.
Metagenics has a range of medical feeds designed to specifically cure and treat certain conditions. Medical feeds: Ultra GI Replenish is your latest and designed to give people with impaired intestinal function the healing they need. UltraInflamX is another designed to support intestinal function in order specifically to reduce inflammation.

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