Get your running habit started right!

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Essential Tips for New Runners

1. Stick to your Fitness Goals

Setting goals is a easy, but sticking to them is tough. You need to write it down. Writing it down is so much stronger than you think. Setting a goal setting is more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

2. Get a good pair of running shoes

A good gear and functional apparel are worth the investment.  Getting the right gear will not only accomplished your commitment but it will be more enjoyable also.

3. Keep a training diary

Write down the details of your workouts so you can track your progress as a runner.  This will you to be motivated to continue pursuing your goals.

4. Run Outside

For many runners, the first few months can be really challenging, but running outdoors can be more motivating than running indoor. In 2004, a study from Duke University showed that people who ran outdoors ran faster, finished less exhausted and felt more revitalized, tranquil and fulfilled by their run compared to those who ran indoors.

5. Find a Buddy

Running Friends are Friends with benefits. If you’re scared to start a running program or are worried about staying committed to it, find a buddy to join you in your new pursuit. When the little voice in your head tries to convince you to skip today’s run, your buddy hold you accountable. One of the biggest gifts running buddy give you is accountability.

6. You can do more

Do core strength work regularly and mix some cross-training into your workout routine by taking a spin class, going to boot camp or swimming. It will help lessen the likelihood of injury and make you a more well-rounded athlete.

7. Reward yourself

Whether it’s treating yourself to coffee or a  massage as a way of self-care, complement your running goals with something to look forward to in addition to your run.

8. It’s a process

Frustration in the early stages of a running program is normal.  There will be highs and lows along the way. However, always remind yourself to enjoy the process. It is worth it!

Looking after your fitness is always self-motivated. You and you alone can make yourself do something about your health. But once you finally convinced yourself that there is a real need to take care of your body, then getting out of the house for a run will come second nature to you in no time!

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