Boost Your Immune System

All things that can compromise our immune systems are exposed to our bodies every day. Our immune systems must protect us and help us to fight disease and disease, from allergens and germs to free radicals and pollution.
However, we are much more likely to get ill and have more trouble recovering if our immune systems are not working properly. Additions such as AHCC may be of assistance.

The Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC), the mushroom root extract, has more than twenty published studies showing its ability to promote the defense of the immune system. Originally used in traditional Japanese medicine, they were produced from hybridized mushrooms and in the 1980's developed with a highly-specific manufacturing process which ensures a consistent, effective and safe product.

AHCC is widely used throughout the world and has proved to improve the cell function of the body's naturally killer (NK) and optimal activity of the macro and T cells. NK cells are a specialist cell group that protects the body at the first exposure against foreign invaders. They are the immune system's "front line defense." The treatment of cancer patients has been used in over 700 hospitals worldwide. AHCC safety has been established and can be used in conjunction with other treatments. Effects with extended use do not appear to decrease. The system does not collapse as a result of stimulation or exhaustion.

Published research in the United States and Japan showed that AHCC can boost the function of NK cells by a number of hundred percents orally.

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