7 Health Benefits of Collagen Peptides

In order to create many of the structures, the body needs those compounds to look healthy and young. While your body can produce some peptides from the collagen internally, many people also choose to make error on the safe side.

What are the advantages of peptide collagen?

  1. Improves ligament health, tendons and articulation

    Like many other parts of the body, ligaments are made from collagen, but do things help to complement them? Research shows that the answer is yes. Tendoforte has been shown to improve overall ligament health and to reduce the chance of injury through scientific studies.

  2. Enhances flexibility

    The body's strength and flexibility is provided by collagen fibres. The more you can bend, the better it is. Again, clinical trials show that bioactive collagen peps, in particular when combined with exercise, can improve flexibility.

  3. Speeds of tendon/ligament regeneration

    An Australian Institute of Sport study found that athletes with heel wounds in Achilles could recover more quickly by taking peptides of collagen compared to those that did not.

  4. Encourages joint cartilage regeneration

    Some types of collagen peptides, for example Gelita Fortigel, can help to stimulate the growth of new joints and help to recover.

  5. Improves athletic joint pain

    Many athletes have joint pain associated with activity. A study conducted by Penn State University, though, found the severity of symptoms and a reduction in pain perception in athletes who took collagen peptides.

  6. Supports reduction of skin, nails and wrinkles

    Collagen is an important skin and nail constituent. Evidence suggests that certain types of collagen peptides, such as Verisol, can prevent the signs of skin aging and help make them appear more youthful and plump.

  7. Reinforce bones

    Were you aware that collagen holds bones together? Collagen permeates the bone material and provides an inlay that holds all else. Researchers have found that collagen peptides encourage the body to produce further bone aging.

Do Collagen Intake Risks exist?

The risks of collagen are small, and they come mostly from food rather than from the chemical. Shellfish, for example, have a high content of collagen but can also cause allergies.

Scarring, a bad taste in the mouth and the feeling of completeness can other side effects of collagen take. They are seldom experienced however when they take supplements.


Collagen peptides are a safe and powerful nutritional supplement, which can be used to enhance the strength of tissues in your body. I would recommend the Dynamic Multi Collagen Renew, an additional collagen containing all the peptides discussed above, including Fortigel, Tendoforte, Verisol, and others if you consider including extra collagen for your well-being programme. A variety of tissues, such as skin, nails, bones, ligaments, and tendons, may support health with each peptide. Bone broth, chicken, egg white and foodstuffs such as beers stimulating body production are good sources of food for collagen peptides.


Shizuku Collagen Pomegranate Jelly 3000 mg 15s is produced using the latest Nano TRI-Collagen Peptide technology. This technology allows 100% absorption into the bloodstream, making it readily absorbed upon digestion. Enriched with the purest of water from Mt. Fuji, Shizuku pledge to deliver effective skin rebuilding particles, giving your skin structure a youthful and healthy glow.

   Skin whitening
   Retain Skin Suppleness
   High in Antioxidant
   Tooth friendly with Xylitol

Mt.Fuji Water: Natural, pure & high in minerals.
Pomegranate: Antioxidant, Vitamin C.
Collagen peptide: Youthful skin, Anti-aging.
Ceramide: Hydration, Moisturizing


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